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Apr 8, 2010

The Simpsons and the fashion world

Although this is a old editorial (2007 if I’m not mistaken) I consider it is great. Some days ago I saw a similar editorial in Miss at la playa blog with Disney and ,from my point of view, this is much better. Have Disney copied the idea of Matt Groening?

My new muse: Daiane Conterato


I've just discovered her in  Bimba and Lola last collection (one of my favourite brands) and I've started to do a research about this girl. I love her because she is a skinny model with a skinny face and she looks lovely and amazing. She has a long and brillant career as a model .... Last Cibeles in Madrid, she was enormously clapped by the audience.
I feel identfy with her becasue I do have a skinny face and I'm happy to see that there are great models with a different kind of beauty. Also, I'm sure that her face can be easly recognized and this bring her a lot of personality and success.

Pictures from Sartorialist, Google, Supermodels.