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Feb 24, 2010

Gossip in Cibeles

The rumour is around. Jose Castro, a genius, would be in charge of McQueen legacy. Is that true? Who knows? The thing is that this rumour was around in Cibeles (Madrid Fashion Week).

I have not been in Cibeles (poor me!!) but you can find this gossip in all blogs-twitter-facebooks about Cibeles. I think this would be a great idea.

Obviously, Alexander McQueen is an inimitable creator and since my lowly blog I want to show my sincere respect to all his creations. Nobody would ever do something like he did. It is a tragic new and a giant lost into the fashion world. I invite you to check his website the tribute video. When I saw it tears were running down my face...

Picture from the marvelous Garance

On the other side, I think Jose Castro has a lot of talent. We all could see it in his work: different and transgressor. It was a pity that he could not be in Cibeles 2010 due to a lack of recourses. You can know more here.

He could do a great work there and also he would be able to bring his name further away, not only into the Spanish market but also around the world.

I insist, this is my humil opinion.

Another issue I would like to emphasize is the appearance of Gala Gonzalez (my favourite it-girl and blogger) together with Miranda into Lydia Delgado show.

I’m happy to see that she is finally on the catwalk because I think she really deserves it. We all learn a lot with her about fashion and style and we all identify ourselves with her more than with any model. Actually, she can be a model!

Lydia Delgado had inspired her last collection into Gala and Miranda, as she says: two young ladies with no fear. This is what I call a trend! For me, to see one it-girl and blogger on the catwalk it was the best moment of Cibeles. You can check all the videos into her blog (the best is the one with Alejo Saura and Miranda, so funny!)

It is like seeing Garance, Scott, Tavi or Brayn on front row together with Anna or Carine. Amazing! This street style experts approach to the Fashion Industry makes me feel so happy.

What do you think about this?

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